APRS Local Info Beacon and Beacon Editor


In support of the APRS Local Info Initiative I've written this APRS Beacon & Beacon Editor for Windows.

Thanks to Jesse, KC5LOS for the many suggestions and testing.


  1. New: Direct IGate TCP/IP support
  2. AGWPE TCP/IP support
  3. Day of week, start/stop hour range, start/stop date range, repeating objects/events
  4. GUI editor to create beacons
  5. Single or Multi-port transmissions on a per beacon basis
  6. Set beacon rates on a per beacon basis
  7. Allows other programs to "hot swap" data during runtime to alter the schedule from other programs/data sources
  8. Satellite pass beacons using Nova or Ham Radio Deluxe

You can download the application here: local_info_agwpe.zip

Please request support or direct bug reports to my callsign @arrl.net. There is currently no support group to support this utility. Please do not post bug reports to any Yahoo groups as I do not monitor with a predictable regularity.


Main App Window


Beacon Editor List


Beacon GUI Editor


Tracking ISS